Survival Preparedness – Valuable Tips on Food Storage

I get a plenty of messages from folks who have just found this blog and heard about underground bunkers for the first time. Most people, I find, are overwhelmed by what it takes to prepare themselves and their families for a survival situation. But survival preparedness is a must and it cannot be delayed any longer.

The most important part of survival preparedness is food storage. So, if you have accumulated one-month’s food supply, then trust me, you are much better off than 90% of your neighbours, who are likely to be caught like the proverbial deer in the headlight. And if you have accumulated a year’s supply of food, you would be in the 99th percentile of survivalists, which is what we are going to aim at here.

Food storage is the most important part of survival, because without food, none of us can survive for too long. The question every survivalist has is whether to go for prepared foods or whether to stack up ingredients to prepare food from the scratch.

That’s a tough one to answer, but really, you should have a mix of both. You should purchase ready-to-eat foods and also buy raw ingredients in bulk for your food storage.

So, buy pre-made ready-made foods, including canned foods and packaged foods as well as food survival kits ready-to-eat, and typical grocery store items. Also buy the raw ingredients that are used to prepare your own meals from the scratch.

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Buying pre-made or pre-packaged foods is very easy and you don’t need to have any particular skills of any sort in order to eat them. But they can be expensive.

Buying the raw ingredients for food storage so that you can prepare food out of them later when in a survival situation is a good idea as well, but that would require a good knowledge of food storage as well as cooking and preparation skills.

Here are some of the basic raw ingredients that you will need for your food storage.

Salt – Salt is very important for survivalists. It is essential for preserving food and for attracting wild game. Salt is cheap, store salt now when you can, when it is available in plenty. This may not be the case in the future. Salt has unlimited shelf life, so you are in luck. Make sure that the cooking or table salt is iodized.

Rice – Given a choice between brown rice and white rice, I would recommend going with brown rice, even though it has a shorter shelf life than white rice, because it is much healthier. The storage life of brown rice is 8 years.

Wheat – You should store 220 pounds of wheat per member of the family, for each year you are going to be in a survival situation. Store grains, rather than wheat flour. Storage life of grains is 30 years as long as you store them safely enough.

Corn – You can store whole corn for much longer than cracked corn or corn meal. You will need at least 50 pounds of corn per adult per year. It has a storage life of 8 to 12 years.

Oats – you need to stack up 20 pounds of oats per adult per year. Storage life of oats is 3 years.

Fats and Oils – For fats and oils, I recommend storing olive oil – frozen in plastic bottles. Also store canned butter, mayonnaise and peanut butter. You should store up to 96 pounds of fats and oils in all, per adult, per year.

Powdered Milk – You will need 20 pounds of powdered milk per adult, per year. Look for nitrogen packed dry milk as it has the best shelf life.

Sugar – Stock up on honey, molasses, maple syrup, sorghum, and different types of jams and jellies.

Also stock up on Canned Fruit and Vegetables and Canned Meats. Make sure to rotate them regularly. You need at least 50 pounds of canned food per adult, per year.

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