115 Hour Plus Emergency Candles, Clear Mist – SET OF 3 Long-Burning Survival Candles

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Set of three emergency candles – each lasts over 115 hours
Liquid paraffin, odorless and smokeless
Definite home emergency item

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This candle burns liquid paraffin and is clean-burning, odorless and smokeless, making it a great choice for indoor use. Burns liquid paraffin for over 100 hours of light. Keep one handy with a book of matches taped to it for your next power outage. The liquid fuel is sealed inside, with only the wick exposed. You can extinguish, and use again and again. A very safe source of light! Set of 3 candles. This candle should be used only with adult supervision. Remember, safety first!
Set of three emergency candles – each lasts over 115 hours
Liquid paraffin, odorless and smokeless
Definite home emergency item
Packaged with a plastic storage cap, so you won’t have to worry about messy spills
Thoughtful neighbor, friend, or family gift

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