Prepping for SHTF Situation with an Underground Bunker

Let’s talk about underground bunkers – on this website, you will find everything you need to know about them. In particular, I want to talk about their use, intent, the psychology behind them, their advantages and disadvantages, and most importantly, how they improve your survivability in an SHTF event.

There is nothing new about bunkering. Bunkering is a tactic that has been followed for hundreds of years by people where they pluck themselves away from civilization in a small shelter, which is invisible to the naked eye and provides security against attackers or marauders. It was the earliest cavemen who created the first underground bunkers, to protect themselves against large predators.

Underground bunkers of today come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be small bunkers that can hold two to four people at a time for not more than 8 to 12 hours, or they can be massive underground complexes with a life of their own, where you can stay for years without venturing out even once.

You can make the underground bunkers yourself, with help from resources such as the underground bunker plans from John Hartman’s Family Bunker Plans, which you can buy for just $47.

Family Bunker Plans is a comprehensive guide that tells you everything you need to know about building your own underground bunker, such as where to find land for the purpose, how to get permits, laying the foundation, a customizable layout based on your requirements, tips on fortification, sanitation, air and water filtration and much more.

You have the option of getting a bunker built by a construction specialist as well, but that could cost you anything from $10,000 to $1 million. That is a lot of money and building a bunker yourself with the help of a detailed plan from Hartman’s Family Bunker Plans would be a more cost effective solution.

Also, this way, you will make sure that nobody except yourself and your immediate family would know about the bunker location – which is so very important, as in an SHTF scenario you really cannot trust anyone outside of your family, certainly not the building contractor hired by you to build the bunker.

Who knows, he might as well capture the bunker for himself and his friends later – what’s there to stop him from doing that? There’s no such thing as honor in an SHTF situation, it is basically every man for himself – the law of the jungle would prevail.

With the self-made bunkers from Family Bunker Plans, you can comfortably create a hiding spot for four to six people for anything from 6 months to one year.

Why Build Underground Bunkers?

Most people build bunkers for a simple reason – to survive. Survival is the purest natural instinct known to man. Survival is traditionally associated with hiding from plain view. Building bunkers underground is very much a part of survival; it is about remaining out of sight of the approaching enemy.

Also, we are faced with so many threats in our world, such as chemical, biological, or radiological. Then there are the natural disasters to reckon with, such as an asteroid collision, a volcanic eruption, an earthquake, a super-storm or a flood. An SHTF event can take so many forms. The question is how prepared are you for it and can you just ride it out in your bunker?

In modern bunkers, you can control the temperature, maintain a fine air quality regardless of how it is like outside and take care of the sanitation. You can survive most apocalyptic situations in a bunker, as long as you have chosen the right location for it and taken care of other essentials such as the food storage.

The Psychology Behind Bunkers

Bunkers were originally created for short-term survival of an imminently dangerous situation or an ongoing event. It was after the first nuclear bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the onset of the Cold War that the government and the military started building bunkers for long-term survival.

The U.S. government and the military have built highly sophisticated, gigantic bunkers that can easily accommodate hundreds of people at a time. Indeed, the Cold War was a boom time for underground bunkers – every town and city in the country built them to safeguard their citizens to survive the fallout of a nuclear attack.

But most of these bunkers were not suitable for long-term survival as there were no preparations to provide for food and water supplies for long term survival. There was no real sanitation, no air filtration systems and apart from the most basic public shelter, these bunkers really served no purpose.

The modern day private bunkers are different, as they are well equipped and help you survive for the long term.

Survivability of Modern-Day Private Bunkers

Can underground bunkers help you survive an SHTF scenario? Yes, but there’s a caveat. Bunkers are great for events that will have an immediate impact, and will be gone in a few days or maybe a couple of months’ time.

People build bunkers to prepare for nuclear attacks, asteroid impact or invasion by an enemy country. Bunkers also help you weather the storm and protect your family during a period of societal breakdown or unrest.

For example, as the recent incident in Dallas, where 5 cops were shot down by African-American shows, things can quickly escalate into a Civil War, even in a country like the United States.

The question is what will you do to protect your family when that happens – when the law and order break down, when mobs turn on the police, innocent people get caught in the crossfire, and there is a general breakdown of the power grid, water and communication systems.

The post-apocalyptic scenario is something beyond anybody’s imagination – you cannot really prepare for it, no matter how thorough you are with your planning.

Does building an underground bunker give you that extra chance of survival? Yes, I really do believe that. It gives you an edge over other ordinary people who would be in a state of panic and utter desperation. Building a bunker helps you stay calm and collected even in the worst possible situation, when everything that can go wrong will have gone wrong, as yes when the sh#t hits the fan.

What to Expect from Modern Underground Bunkers?

The modern day underground bunker, which John Hartman of Family Bunker Plans will help you build, are very secure, properly built, and help you ride out a critical event in relative comfort. You will know that you and your family will remain fully protected from whatever is happening outside as long as you remain in the bunker.

You will have some space for light exercise, there will be privacy for you and your spouse, the sanitation is taken care of, there will be a small playroom for kids and even entertainment for the whole family. Ideally, you should build a mid-sized bunker where you can stay fully protected for a period of 30 to 60 days.

The bunker will be well stocked with food, weapons and other important survival supplies. It is relatively easy to maintain and will have an escape tunnel as well so that you can get out safely if you feel that your hideout has been identified and you are being watched.

However, the bunker should be used only when the threat is imminent. Once the danger has passed, you should vacate it immediately, as let’s face it, no family can stay forever in a bunker, especially when you have kids with you.

Be prepared and be aware!