Everything You Wanted to Know About Underground Bunkers

Underground bunkers – should you build them? Think about it – there’s a massive refugee crisis in Europe. The ISIS threat has never been stronger. We had the Paris attacks in which 129 people were killed, then we had a terror strike in Belgium, and recently, we had a homegrown terrorist influenced by the ISIS ideology killing 49 people and injuring 50 others in an attack on a gay club in Orlando, Florida.

Yes, the world has gone made, and as the head of your family, it is incumbent upon you to seek protection for them, no matter what happens. Your family is your biggest responsibility; you must provide for them and take care of them, regardless of the situation in the rest of the world. The world may go mad, but you must maintain peace of mind and sanity in your household. That is why you should consider building underground bunkers.

There are a million things to take care of when building an underground bunker. You will have to choose the right location, provide for the basic essentials such as food, water, light and air. Make sure that there’s an escape plan if the bunker gets found out or gets blocked. And yes, you need to make sure that nobody, absolutely nobody outside your immediate family, knows about the underground bunker.

Here are 9 of the most important things that you’ll need to take care of while designing an underground bunker.

#1: Choosing the Right Location – The location is the most important thing to take care of while building an underground bunker. So where will the bunker be located? What about the environment around the bunker? Does it flood often in the area where you are building the bunker? Is the location prone to forest fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters?

How remote is the location from the city? The last thing you want is for a bunch of people, hikers or campers, to chance upon the bunker. It should be as far away as possible from the traffic and from civilization so that it does not get found.

Study the maps of the areas around your city, especially the wilderness beyond it, do your research and choose a location that you feel comfortable with. It should be easy to get to with a few hours’ drive and you should have full ownership over the plot of land over which you are building the bunker. You don’t want to encroach upon public or private property! You must own the land where you are building the underground bunker.

#2: Security and the Underground Bunker – Security should be your #1 priority while designing a bunker. You should have a sophisticated system of cameras and security systems in place, watch what’s happening around the area of the bunker. You should establish a good perimeter security around the place. Fencing and barbed wires should be avoided as they draw attention to the bunker, much of it unwanted. Use your imagination to arrange for a proper surveillance and security system around the bunker.

Yes, you must as many weapons and ammunition as possible in the bunker. So stock up and be prepared for any situation. In particular, you should have assault rifles, handguns, survivor knives and other hand-to-hand combat weapons.

#3: Securing the Doors of the Bunker – The door is the most important part of the bunker as well as its weakest point. Make sure that you use only the strongest door possible to secure the bunker and reinforce it from the inside. Consider the various ways using which someone can attack the door. Can the door resist bullets? Can it repel fire? What about the doorframe? How strong or how solid is the doorframe? Can you be reasonably confident about its ability to resist attempted break-ins?

#4: Is There an Emergency Exit? What about the emergency exit? Is there one? You must have an escape door, one that is well hidden from outside and easy to get to. Build an escape tunnel to lead to the door, which should be at some distance away from the bunker. There shouldn’t be any trace of the door. An emergency exit is the only thing that can save you in case someone blocks the main door.

#5: What About the Essentials – Air, Water, Food? Air, food and water are three things that are absolutely essential. You must have clean air within the bunker – if the air turns toxic or polluted, living inside will become unbearable.

So you must install a sophisticated ventilation system and have at least a couple of air vents that bring in the fresh outside air. Care must be taken to ensure that your air source is well concealed. If your enemy finds it, they could very easily block it and make it impossible for you to live in the bunker.

As for water, you should have an advanced water filtration system within the underground bunker to make sure that the water is always clean. Further, you should dig a well inside the bunker for a depth of up to 100 feet till you are able to get to the ground water. An underground aquifer is a must, as each member of your family will need at least 2 gallons of water a day.

Food – you must have as much of it as possible. You should stock high-calorie food as that would last you for as long as needed. Each member of your family would require 2,000 calories of nutrition-dense food. Stock up on dried food and canned food. You should have all the prescription medicine you need. You must stock up on aspirin and other basic but essential medicines. Stock up on vitamin supplements as well, as they give you the energy you seek when you need it most.

#6: The Size of the Underground Bunker – The bunker should be as large and spacious as you can make it. You will have stocked in a lot of weapons, water and food into the bunker, especially if you’re planning to stay there for the long haul. So there should be enough space to hold the supplies AND to allow you and your family to live comfortably without feeling claustrophobic. There should be a bathroom, sleeping quarters, an entertainment room (where you can maintain a home theater) and storage space.

#7: Stocking Up on Fuel – You must stock up on the basic utilities such as power, heating and cooking fuel. A generator can give you power, but should be well concealed. You can use electrical power to cook food and for heating, but it is better to have a renewable source of energy as well.

#8: Maintaining Hygiene Within the Bunker – The most important thing you need to take care of in the underground bunker is the sewage removal. You must maintain proper hygiene within the bunker and make plans for the sewage removal. Build a septic system next to the bunker to get rid of the sewage. If you don’t plan for this, the bunker would become unlivable.

#9: Other Things that Keep You Calm and Collected – It is easy to lose your mind after spending a couple of weeks trapped with your family within a bunker. Survivalists must protect themselves and their families from suffering from depression. Make sure to stock up on good books, DVDs and video games. A TV, DVD player and a PlayStation or Xbox 360 is a must. They keep you, your spouse and the kids sane under extraordinary circumstances. If you have small children, make sure that there are enough toys, dolls and stuffed animals in the bunker.


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