Critical Survival Tools That You Will Need In Your Underground Bunker

If you are going to survive an SHTF situation, you will need to think differently from other people. Most people you know are likely to panic and become completely desperate in a post-apocalyptic scenario. Not you – are you a survivalist and you are a prepper. You will know exactly what you need to do when the world as we know it, is lost forever.

You should first of all build an underground bunker in an isolated spot, away from public view. Nobody should have an idea of the location of the bunker, except your immediate family. You will get the most detailed underground bunker plans from John Hartman’s Family Bunker Plans for just $47. Using this information, you can build a mid-sized bunker to house 4 to 6 people comfortably for 4 to 6 days.

Next, let’s talk about the critical survival tools that you will need in your underground bunker.

Survival Guns: You cannot do without a gun. A gun is the most important of all survival tools. It protects your family against intruders and allows you to hunt for food. You can also use it to call for help. Learn how to use firearms and train every member of your family in the use of guns.

Survival Ax: It is possible that you may run out of power at some point, in which case, you will need to have a survival ax. An ax would allow you to split the logs and cut firewood to heat the house.

Survival Shovel – You will need a shovel for gardening, to grow fruits and vegetables. You will need the shovel to plant seeds. You will also need it to dig up a latrine. It is an essential survival tool.

Wheelbarrow – Wheelbarrows allow you to haul water from a water resource nearby. They are useful when your car is useless as there’s no gas available.

Survival Knife – A survival knife is arguably the most important tool that a survivalist would need. It can be used to build a shelter, capture food and maintain the bunker. It is also a defensive weapon and can help you ward off intruders. A survival knife should have a full-tang fixed blade that is about 4 to 5 inches long.

Honing Stone: Honing stone keeps your knives sharp. You can prepare the sharpest blades with these stones. Also, have some oil with you, along with the honing stone, for best results.

Hatchet: Hatchets are lightweight substitutes for a full sized axe. They can be used to split logs and they can be used as hammers to build a shelter as well.

Camp Shovel: Camp shovels are very important as you want at some point have to leave the bunker. Camp shovels allow you to dig holes in wood for a fire pit. You can dig latrines with them as well as trenches to store water. They are lightweight substitutes for a full sized shovel.

Bow Saw: A bow saw allows you to cut down tree branches and logs. You will need it at some point as you will no doubt leave your bunker to look for fuel when your supply runs out.

Crosscut Saw: Crosscut saws allow you to cut lumber. They are the traditional power saws, and are still used in many places in America. Power saws require fuel –crosscut saws don’t, which is why they are an important survival tool.

Cigarette Lighter: You can easily light a fire with a lighter rather than with matchsticks. Cigarette lighters are unaffected by bad weather conditions and will stay lit, unlike matchsticks.

Plastic Bags – You will need plastic bags of all types of sizes. They are light and small and can be used to car water, store food, keep clothes and organize small items.

Your Brain – The Most important survival you will need is your brain. It will help you survive and protect your family even in the direst survival scenario. So use it well.

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