Building an Underground Bunker – All The Details

Ex-US Army officer John Hartman’s Family Bunker Plans offers the most affordable and comprehensive construction plans for underground bunkers. In this article, we discuss all the details about building underground bunkers.

We tell you how to choose the right location for them, about the factors that go into their design, and yes, we explain why you should consider building underground bunkers in the first place.

First, let us be clear – there are a few companies that offer to build your bunkers for you, but they are prohibitively expensive. You are much better off building a bunker by yourself by following the detailed construction plans given by Family Bunker Plans.

So what are you preparing for exactly? Why build underground bunkers?

Well, there are so many reasons to build these shelters. You probably live in an area of the country that is prone to hurricanes, storms, tornadoes, floods and other natural disasters. It is important that you should be well prepared for the worst sort of natural disaster and have a plan in hand.

These underground shelters also prepare you for mass extinction events, such as a global epidemic (such as the Ebola outbreak), a nuclear strike by an enemy nation, a meteor strike or a volcanic explosion. The reason you build a bunker is to protect your family, even in the face of the worst natural or man-made catastrophe.

First things first – find the right place for the Underground Bunker…

So, to start off with, you have to find the right place for your bunker. Here are some of the points to consider when selecting an appropriate spot to construct the bunker.

#1: No matter what you do, don’t build the bunker in your backyard. That would defeat the whole purpose of it as an underground bunker is supposed to be top secret. Now, if the entire neighborhood knows about your crazy plans to build an underground shelter, that won’t do you much good, would it? Also, the local authorities will want to know why you’re building such a thing and may even question if there are any ulterior motivations behind it.

#2: The bunker should be built in the wild or in a rural area, not far from your home in the city, but far enough to remain unseen. You don’t want to build the bunker in a heavily trafficked area.

#3: You should build it as deep underground as you can, to protect from a possible radiation, debris and flying projectiles.

#4: The bunker should not be located in an area that is prone to floods, not even in an area which has had floods many years ago. If it has flooded once, there is no reason why it can’t happen again.

#5: The bunker should be placed so that the route to the entrance is relatively short.

#6: It should be free from any potential debris and the emergency tunnel or exits within the bunker should be extended into areas that are free from fire or debris.

#7: The bunker should offer excellent protection from heat and should be supported well by the surrounding soil.

#8: It should be as far away as possible from fuel concentrations, vehicles, hazardous or inflammable materials.

#9: It should be far away from large, multi-story buildings, light poles, satellite dishes, antennas or any roof mounted telecommunication equipment.

#10: The bunker should remain well hidden, otherwise what’s the point of building one?


Other things to take care of while building an underground bunker…

Getting Permits from the Government

It is very important that you should get the right permits from the government in order to construct the bunker in the place that you have found for it. You may not get the authorities to agree to every aspect of the business plan, but it is important to get their approval for as many things as possible.

It is very important that you should not dig through your neighbors’ water supply, drainage tunnels or cables while constructing the bunker. They may not find out now, but when they do, it can lead to a lot of unpleasantness. Also, the government will warn you against cutting off any fiber cables underneath.

Okay, once that is taken care of, you can buy a machine and start digging. Or you can hire someone trustworthy to do it for you. As we said earlier, John Hartman’s Family Bunker Plans has comprehensive tips for building underground bunkers, so we advise you to read up on that.

The Bunker Design

The bunker will save you from the tsunami, possible anarchy and breakdown of law and order, radiation, asteroid attacks and much more. They will protect your family for as long as it takes. But they are also very neat and tidy.

The U.S. military has been building bunkers for decades, so you should trust those with military experience with help on building your bunker. The bunkers are very functional and highly efficient. Do read up survival guides by reliable sources on building an underground bunker, such as BLACKOUT USA and SURVIVE THE END DAYS. You will find tons of information on survival gear, how to survive the war or natural catastrophe, and how to protect your family in the face of all these.

Just because you are building an underground shelter does not mean that it shouldn’t be comfortable. You may spend a long time it is, so you might as well make it livable and normal. Add a large screen LED TV to the bunker, for example. Perhaps you can have a home theater in there, with plush sofas and comfortable chairs.

The bunker should be like a regular home for as much as possible. It should not feel like a prison otherwise, your kids wouldn’t want to spend even a day in it, even when it is dangerous outside.

Basic Underground Bunker Design Features to Consider

Light – No, there won’t be any windows in the bunker so getting natural light would be impossible. Arrange for energy-efficient emergency lighting in the bunker.

Air – Invest in an advanced air filtration system. Lack of ventilation can make your bunker uninhabitable. So make sure that there is a system to get the hot air out and to bring the fresh air in.

Water – Water filtration systems are not cheap, but they make for an excellent investment. Also, build a well inside the bunker that is at least 100 feet deep. Arrange for a simple hand-pump to extract the water from the well.

Food – Stock up on as much food as possible. You cannot afford to run out of food. Make sure to store the food in a cool and dry space and protect it well to keep pests away. Use the ground temperature underneath the bunker to keep the food cool. Stock up on high-quality dried foods and canned goods, which can last forever.

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