Bugging Out Versus Bugging In – What’s Better in a SHTF Situation?

We have talked about various SHTF scenarios in this blog. As a survivalist, you will be faced with a critical choice in an SHTF situation. Should you bug out or bug in? Well, there’s no perfect answer to this. You should certainly stockpile on survival supplies and prepare for the disaster, but that’s best for bugging in, not bugging out, isn’t it?

Our recommendation is to bug out only if you already have a plan in place, such as an underground bunker, in an isolated location, away from people and the traffic, unseen to the naked eye. You will find the most detailed underground bunker plans from retired US military officer and construction specialist John Hartman’s Family Bunker Plans, which you can access for just $47.

Let’s understand the bug in versus bug out the conundrum. What’s better for you?

Why Bugging In?

Bugging in is the ideal choice for an urban survivalist, especially if you don’t have an underground bunker in the wild or in a predetermined location, to which you can bug out to. You will find many great tips on bugging in on many survivalist blogs, so without going into the details, let me tell why and when you should consider bugging in.

Not all of us have outdoor survival skills, and unless we have a prepared underground bunker waiting for us, surviving in the wild isn’t going to be easy. It is hard work and we can’t live like our ancestors did. Those days are over. So if you don’t have great outdoor survival skills, you would be better off bugging in, rather than out.

What If You Have an Underground Bunker for Bugging Out?

That is the ideal scenario. If you have an underground bunker to bug out to, one that is stocked with all the survival supplies you need, bugging out would be the right decision to make. Yes, you must pick up certain outdoor survival skills as you will have to leave the bunker every now and then, when the coast is clear, for fresh food, a refreshing walk, and exercise.

The advantage of having an underground bunker is that you will be among the first to head out of the city before the crisis blows up and will be secure and well protected long before everyone loses their mind and there’s panic and chaos all around.

Of course, building an underground bunker is not easy. You will need to buy the land for it and have official title deeds to the property. You should know that all land in the USA is either owned by the government or by private citizens. You cannot build a bunker without getting permits for the same, or you will be asked to leave some time in the future. The Family Bunker Plans has detailed guidelines on how to get permits from the government to build an underground bunker.

You will need to do other things as well, such as arranging for power supply, drilling wells and stockpiling survival supplies. This should be done well in advance of the SHTF scenario. You should be well prepared and ready for whatever life throws at you – that’s what being a survivalist is all about.

Bugging Out When You Don’t Have an Underground Bunker

I would advise you to stay in and not to bug out if you don’t have a bunker or a hidden cabin in place already. Or, you can rent an apartment or a cottage in a small town or village far away from the city.

Towns and villages are relatively unaffected by a crisis, unlike cities, but this is only a temporary solution, as sooner or later, all towns and villages in the country will be overrun by people from the city.

Whatever you do, don’t reveal your intentions to anyone, not even to your friends. Only your family should know about the hidden location. Never tell anyone that you are a prepper.

There are going to be a lot of desperate and needy people in a post-apocalyptic world. Stay away from them, as much as possible. Just take care of yourself and your family, as in such a situation, there are no rules and there won’t be any honor. It will be all about survival.