An Introduction to Building an Underground Bunker

There are so many reasons to build an underground bunker. According to NASA, there is a strong possibility of a medium-sized asteroid striking the earth in 2029, an event that is likely to have the same effect as a nuclear catastrophe.

There is a distinct possibility of a Civil War in the country, as fascist forces take over. Terrorist attacks have become more common today than at any time in the past. Also, natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy can strike when you’re least expecting.

An underground bunker is a fallout shelter that would keep you and your family safe. But it is important to understand that a bunker is much more than simply digging a hole and putting a roof over it. Building one requires meticulous planning and a lot of hard work.

First, make sure that you’ve got your survival food and other essential supplies stocked for at least a year. Next, you must find a safe place for your family to take refuge for long periods of time.

The whole point of an underground bunker is that it should be safe and nobody should know about it. So whatever you do, don’t build the bunker in your backyard, that will draw a lot of unwelcome attention, not just from the neighbors, but also from city authorities who will wonder what the heck are you doing!

So choose the right location for your underground bunker, which is separate from your home in the city. Stay away from metro areas, and build the bunker in a rural place, away from the crowd. It is not difficult to find a cheap plot of land in the wild, a few hours’ drive from the city.

The only people who should know about the bunker should be your family or those who help you build it. Here are some of the points to make note of.

Air Filtration – The bunker should have a renewable air source. It is important to install a reliable air filtration system that would provide the fresh air needed to breathe and eliminate the hot air from within. You will need a couple of air vents, at least, that lead to the surface. Conceal them well with rocks and make sure that they are hard to find. Stock up on replacement filters – this can prove to be important later.

Water Resources – It is very important to build a well in the bunker as no matter how much water you pre-stock within, it will run out after some time. So you may have to dig a further 100 feet or so to get fresh groundwater. Build a simple hand-pump to access the water from underneath. There are three things people need to survive – air, water and food – make sure that you never run out of these.

Escape Tunnel – You will need to build an escape tunnel for the bunker as well. You cannot have just a single opening for the bunker, because if that gets damaged in a natural disaster or found out by enemies, your bunker could well become a coffin for you and your family. Why? Your enemy could block your escape by lodging something heavy against the entrance or pump in smoke or toxic gasses into the bunker. That is why it is so important to build an escape tunnel that would give you a chance to save your life and that of your family when the situation becomes untenable.

So, how to build an underground bunker?

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